Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Dawning of Spring

Although there is still a coolness in the smells like Spring!


Adrian LaRoque said...

This is a nice shot, but is also tricky. Try this again one day in the sunset or early morning at sunrise. You will see a different effect and a more smooth tree.

Vivian said...

I know what you mean by a smoother tree, but I wanted the harsh glare of the sun in here. This is the view I see in the morning first thing as I open the door to leave for work. Don't know why, but I love to look into the sun, but don't! Because, as you know, it's no good for your eyes, so with this pic I feel as though I am actually looking into the fierce brightness of the sun ( but without the damage! ) heehee

Thanks for your great suggestion!
I will try this shot again.