Friday, May 22, 2009

Freedom isn't free

Do you celebrate Memorial day, and why?
Tell me, I really want to know.
What is Memorial day to you?
Is it the kick-off to summer with friends
over for a smashing good time?
Tell me, I really want to know.

The papers tell me of all the great sales
I can find in all the stores on Memorial day.
And I am free to go there and spend my money.
They are free to write what ever they want
in papers, magazines and books.
But I know my freedom isn't free.

Do you celebrate Memorial day.....
Please tell me why.


ShEiLa said...

You know I have never done the big bash thing on Memorial Day... maybe its because my hubby works most of these holidays with his rotating schedule (even Christmas).

The big one for my family besides Christmas was July 4th. We always celebrated with BBQ, watermelon, homemade ice cream... at my Mom & Dad's... then Mom passed away and Dad re-married and I don't celebrate the 4th of July in the fond manner I did the whole time my kids were little.

I have always taken time to think about the war vets (like my Uncle Paul was a vietnam vet). Also I have visited the resting place(s) of the special people that have passed on.


Alex said...

Hi Vivian, Could you tell me what memorial day is in the U.S. We have rememberance day here when one sunday, we remember our fallen service men & women.

Vivian said...

Thank you, Sheila, for taking time out to reflect on all the men and woman who have served and for those who have died for our country so that we may be free. My family and I celebrate by simply flying a flag and saying a prayer.

Yes, Adrian...our Memorial day is the same as your Remembrance day. We celebrate it the last Monday in May. When do you celebrate yours?

Just Joe said...

Freedom isn't Free

We often hear this term: Freedom isn't Free.
But, what does that really mean?
And if Freedom isn't Free,
then what is the cost, and who pays it?

The cost is deployment to combat.

The cost is a loved one leaving whole
but coming home less than whole,
physically, mentally or both.

The cost is a loved one who never returns
from a mission and is never found.

The cost is having to take another's life,
even if they are the enemy,
and living with that the rest of your life.

The cost is watching a close friend die,
maybe even holding them in your arms,
helpless to save them and living a life of
remembering that moment and feeling guilty
that it wasn't you who died
instead of the close friend.

The cost is a family waiting and watching
24 / 7, hoping and praying as they watch daily
newscasts about our military personnel dying.

The cost is a knock at the door no family wants
but is a special privilege of sacrifice
and if not borne by some,
then who would bear it?

The cost is a lifetime of love.

Yes, Freedom isn't Free and the cost is high.

Vivian said...

Thank you, Joe, for this spot-on touching and true poem to why we celebrate memorial day and what freedom isn't free really means!.....damn I still wish you were on the poetry sites! I miss you there. Well, least I can read your wonderful poems on your blog.

Love, Viv