Saturday, May 2, 2009

Coming in for a landing

Call me nuts, but I LOVE flying! especially take off and landing.


Somebody Loved said...

Absolutely Awesome Photos!

I am not as crazy about flying as you are... but I know someone who is. I am married to him.


Vivian said...

funny, I am married to a man who is not so crazy about flying.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.....makes my day! : )

Alex said...

Hi Vivian, Thanks for your kind comment on misty flower, i,d love to see one of your poems on my photo,i,ll stick it back on the blog for you to use without the watermark.
Oh great shots of the plane, i was a British soldier for 15 years, and i was such a jessie flyer and still am today.

Alex said...

Hi Vivian, Sorry, yes in Scotland we call a sissy a jessie. Which usually is directed at the male, but women can sometimes be jessies as well. I hope this explains all. Oh and sometimes if a male Scot is really scared we call them big jessies. Bye now from a sometimes wee jessie lol.

Dusty Lens said...

Well, yes, the taking off and landing has that theme park ride feeling; which is fun.

But the flight itself is fun too. The person in front of you always reclining, un-reclining, only to recline again.

The person across the aisle scrounges thru the overhead bin no less than 7 times.

And when you are either engrossed in a movie because you can not sleep, or finally asleep from the boring movie, you are woken up and asked if you would like something to drink.

Despite all this, I love to fly, however, I am not a frequent flyer, (just long distance...twice).

Vivian said...

YES, Dusty.....that's what I'M talking about!....that rush you get from a theme park ride....I love it.
And sometimes I try to get that rush on an open highway in my car....on a 2 mile stretch of a highway that has no cars on it whilst I drive to work in the morning.

But of cos the flight itself is fun too, I forgot to mention how enjoyable it is to have the back of your seat kicked by a 2 year old on a 6 hour flight.

I am not a frequent flier either.
Thanks for your fun comments. : )