Monday, April 20, 2009

2 Thing Challenge: Free/ Range

Seems the geese have decided to stay on Long Island all year round, as the weather has changed over the years. They don't have a need to migrate anymore. I am always in awe as they fly in formation but on the ground they have free range to go where ever they courses, parking lots, fields, parks....and they leave behind their gifts of natural fertilizes, so ya better watch out where you're walking or you'll step right in it!


Alex said...

Hi Vivian, nice photo, do they leave free range eggs as well,lol. Glad you liked my rail yard shot, it is a very weird place.The building in the back ground is really spooky especially at night, will try and get you a night shot (gulp).

airplane5312 said...

Hehe, wonder what's going through that goose's mind.