Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Hustle and Bustle

Ahhh, the soundtrack of shuffling, horns bellowing, near and distant voices , street musicians playing, and the smell of sidewalk dirt-water dogs and slightly burnt pretzels mix in the air with exhaust fumes. And I.....I truck along.


LR Photography said...

Nice street scene this one.

LR Photography said...

Yes, you are right Vivian. When I saw the image the first time I also called it a demon not a wolf. Indeed a demon trapped by the blue flame in another world or dimension. Later I decided to call it a wolf since it gives a more serene feeling to the image. One day someone told me that cameras are able to capture images that are impossible for the naked eye. I am not a true believer of this kind of things and I always try to find explanations for this type of stuff. But I can tell you one thing the image is creepy. The name still OK, "The Guardian", we know some of the past of this mountains, some history, but not the all secrets, the forest is magic.