Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Zig and Liz

My late best buddy, Ziggy, was not too fond of this Lizard.


ShEiLa said...

Is that lizard real?

I enlarged the photo... I see a lizard tongue even... I don't know that I would like that lizard either. Real or not. Spooky kind of.


Vivian said...

heehee...it sure looks real, eh?
Nope, he is not real, just a great impostor!

Alex said...

Hi Vivian, well no wonder your poor dog is scared, whats the lizard planning to do in this photo lol. Poor wee dug (dog in english).See ya x.

Vivian said...

Yup, I know English when I hear, I mean, read it, Alex! heehee
Yeah, poor Ziggy, he had a great dogs life, the best....we spoiled him. We are thinking 'bout getting another dog but not a puppy this time, more like a 1 yr old, already trained, rescued dog...a mutt, if you will.