Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Rose

A rose is a rose, is a rose


Alex said...

Hi Vivian, I as you probably have gathered love shots of flowers, nice yin hen, as we say in Scotland. And by the way i would have got a lot wet
if i had taken the butterfly shot from the other side. lol.

Just Joe said...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet." - William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet.

And what a lovely rose tho art M'Lady! Nice Picture!

ShEiLa said...

I was in a sad depression yesterday... and didn't get on the computer for fun... only to pay bills.

What a beautiful red rose.


Vivian said...

yin hen, Alex? Please explain.
Yes I knew you would have gotten wet. heehee

My dear Quixotic Knight, you are my knight in shinning armor as we walk and write poetry through the night till the moon fades from the sun.

Thank you, sir

Sheila, my dear devoted fan....I hope you are ok now. Perhaps you caught that from me. I say...hog wash to depression! : )
Thank you for always stopping by. I must come by to pay you a visit...put up a pot of coffee! : )

Alex said...

Hi Vivian, the term yin hen is explained as one girl, in that gid meaning good, yin meaning one, and hen in Scotland is a term of endearment for a lady or a lassie. I hope this helps you out. So lets sumarise gid yin hen means, good one girl(lassie). Haste ye back hen lol.