Saturday, August 25, 2012

2 Thing Challenge: Focus/ Here


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is way too fun! That woman has the right idea and HE should cut that out!

I'm liking the challenges in this group and hope to be able to contribute. I can't remember who suggested 2 Thing Challenge, but I'm happy I was paying attention.

Thanks for the lovely comments on my entries. You're the only one that has stopped by! It was nice of you!


Stickup Artist said...

Hello Vivian. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. This contribution to "2 Thing Challenge" is awesomely funny! It's an interesting idea to concentrate on 2 things. I often think myself how I prefer photographic images that are more minimalist and uncluttered.

I also see you are a poetess. There are really great and substantive poetry discussions at this blog you might enjoy:


Eeyore said...

Mine is similar, but with talking birds.

Vivian said...

Hi Jan, and thank you for stopping by. Glad you like the 2 Thing Challenge. Hope to see you there again.

Thank you, Stickup Artist. And yes, I will check out that poetry blog.

Thanks Larry....this photo is of my dad is such a clown! LOL

ShEiLa said...

Hahahaha... love it!!!


ps. it took three tries (at least) to prove I am not a robot... I hate these things.

Eeyore said...

Who's ~ Betty?

I agree Sheila, Vivian's blog has some of the toughest robot traps, but then I don't even know what mine are like.

Vivian said...

Dang robot traps! I know, but unfortunately they have to be there for our protection. Yes, the robot traps have gotten tougher.

Vivian said...

Betty? Where do you see Betty? lol