Friday, August 21, 2009

Have you seen my camera?

Hi Folks out there in blog land. Perhaps I jinxed myself, I'll never know. In my last post here, to a reply about going to try and sneak a shot or two in the Woodstock museum and post it from behind bars, I really think I jinxed myself. I just got back from a vacation or a holiday if you will, in Pa where I got my camera stolen! I am so @#$%^&* angry, mad, enraged, and sad and feeling rather dumb at my own stupidity! You see, I left it on a table, after dinner and a glass of wine, along with my sunglasses at Dimmick's Inn and Steakhouse in Milford, Pa. I went back only 5 mins later and the waiter gave me my sunglasses but not my camera. It wasn't until the next day when I wanted to take a picture that I realized I left it behind at the steakhouse. I went back and they told me it wasn't there. My heart sank. I had about 800 pictures on there ( most of them in folders, of course ) How does a person steal somebody's personal property and then sleep at night? How? I feel like I am mourning the loss of a loved one. I take pictures everyday! What will I do now? I know, move on...I must. Still, this hurt is still so fresh now. I feel violated!

Funny thing is.....people always say they are afraid of New York and the people there, they might get mugged or something. Well...I left my camera behind once before in a restaurant here on LI, NY and went back and they had my camera for me.....I go to a nice country place like Milford, Pa and get my camera stolen! So I don't ever want to hear about how bad New York is ever again!

The shame of it all is that Dimmick's has really good food there! But I will never go back there again or rave about it to my many customers who visit the Milford area, ever again!

Ok, I am done venting now, I feel a little better.
If you made it this far in my rant post here....thanks for reading and sticking with me!


Just Joe said...

You can rant on me anytime M'Lady I have big strong shoulders lol.

L. D. Burgus said...

You are allowed to vent all you want. I taught in a public school here for 35 years and it always amazed me how kids could walk off with ipods, leather coats, loose lunch money lain out on a desk. I had a kid systematically steal dvd's from me in a very slow way that I didn't notice until ten or more were gone.
What bugs you and me is how someone can live with the idea that they have a stolen camera and that they will use it conscience clear.
You have my sympathy and hope you can find a nice camera that will give you joy again.

Adrian LaRoque said...

What can I say, I just hope that you can find another camera and keep taking pictures.

Vivian said...

thank you, Joe! May I use them as a tripod?

Larry, thank you much. It will take some time before I can save enough money to buy anohter camera.
Yeah, I too wonder how a thief can sleep and night. I mean, it's one thing to steal from a store ( and it's wrong )BUT to steal from a person?...and a customer that just dinned in your restaurant??? c'mon now!

Thank you, Adrian, I appreciate your kind comments and you.

L. D. Burgus said...

I just bought a coolPix Nikon to bum around with. My wife and I won't have to negotiate for the use of our large good camera. I just wanted something thin and clean lined to take mass doses of history. If I need a real fine photo I will grab the big one.

Vivian said...

Nice, Larry. My husband just bought a Canon SLR with 2 lens from a friend, slightly used. My favorite camera is the old Nikon F from 1969...took really great pics!
I think I am going to buy another Canon Powershot as soon as I save some extra money....I miss that camera!

Patrina said...

I'm late finding your blog - but just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you were violated. That's exactly what is was. I know your loss, and it affects you deeply.

Please know, that I don't say this to minimise your loss, but the Lord has clearly helped me "let it go" in a miraculous way. I've experienced many violations of which you speak, and the Lord just melted my anger away (after I vented , of course, and after I carried it inside for weeks). Even years later, when memories of the losses creep back into my space, I am instantly reminded that the Lord told me "it will be OK..let me carry it ... I will repay you all that the enemy has stolen". And just like that, He takes it from my space once again, and I'm able to let Him carry it. Otherwise, the enemy camps on my feelings of loss and disrupts my ability to be used by God.

I just wanted to encourage you,as I see you too believe in Jesus.

Obviously you are still capturing moments with a camera - good for you. But I am so sorry for your big loss. It is like losing a big chunk of your personal life. is a violation of the soul.

May the Lord restore all that has been only He can do.

God bless

Vivian said...

Petrina....thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a heart-felt comment. It is so refreshing to meet people with a love for the Lord....they truly shine and give you a warm feeling inside. Yes, you are absolutely right....I did finally let it go, by the grace of God. And ya know what?....your message here just reminded me of that....that it was by the grace of God that I could let this go and I forgive and pray for the person who stole it from me.
Thank you!

Vivian said...

PS....Patrina, I hope you come back to read my reply.
I look forward to stopping by your blog to read.
Merry Christmas!